Phone: 630/759-6340


Degrees and Certifications:

MA in Educational Leadership: University of St. Francis BA in Literature and Communications: Illinois Benedictine College (Now Benedictine University) Minor: Secondary Education Endorsed in Journalism, Speech, and Special Education

Mrs. Annette Carrier (Fox)

My name is Mrs. Annette Carrier.  I am newly married, so some students will call me by my maiden name, Ms. Fox. This year, I will be teaching 7th Language Arts with Mrs. Christine Parliament-Swick in room A33. This will be my 20th year in the district and my 23rd year of teaching. This is my 15th year at Brooks Middle School.  I received my Bachelor's in Literature and Communications from Illinois Benedictine College (Benedictine University), my Master's in Educational Leadership from St. Francis University, and my Special Education Endorsement from Aurora University. 


  1. You’ll be receiving two notebooks from us.  One will be for writing, and the other will be for literature including novels, short stories, Achieve, and Power Reading. 
  2. You will be required to bring a notebook for vocabulary.  This will be a working dictionary throughout the year. It will record the vocabulary as well as prefixes, suffixes, and roots.
  3. Because you see us every day, we need you to have a binder for all the materials for class.  This will keep you organized for the year. We will clean it out throughout the year.
  4. You should have enough pens, pencils, additional notebooks, and notebook paper for the school year. We have some supplies, but do not rely on us.
  5. You will be receiving your Chromebooks in the next couple of days.  It is important you keep your Chromebooks charged. We will use them, but in the beginning, we will not rely on them. 
  6. You will have Power Reading material with you at all times.  If you finish an assignment or test early, you’ll be reading if not given additional information. 



We will keep to a routine for most of the school year.  Days off and other situations can change the routine. You’ll be informed as those changes approach.


  1. Writing workshop is the first half of the block. You will have a daily dose of editing and vocabulary.  After each 10 days, there will be an assessment to see how you have mastered the vocabulary, the editing, and daily skills.  Then, we will have the writing lesson. We will be doing a variety of writing, starting first with narrative alike to sixth grade. Then, we will move to expository, argumentative, and persuasive.  In order to earn opportunities to use your Chromebook for writing, you must show you can follow the expectations of the writing workshop. 
  2. Reading workshop is the second half of the block.  
    1. On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, we will be doing Power Reading for 20 minutes. You will be reading and then responding to your reading.
    2. On Thursdays, you will be doing Achieve 3000.  After the pretest, we will go over the expectations of doing Achieve in our classroom. As we progress and the writing expectations increase, it will go into the writing time of Writing Workshop.
    3. Throughout the year, we will be reading a variety of fictional stories, poetry, drama, and informational text.  
    4. In order to become stronger readers, we will challenge you with texts from the Great Books program. Many of you have worked with Great Books, but if you haven’t, we will walk through the program with you.
    5. Vocabulary will be done daily. It will be vocabulary from the text, academic vocabulary, and prefixes/suffixes/roots. You will have an assessment every two weeks on vocabulary to determine if you have mastered the words, phrases, and word pieces we have covered during that time.
    6. After every unit, there will be an assessment to determine if you have mastered the standards we have worked on throughout the unit. This can be a test, speech, or project--depending on the unit. 



There are four rules that apply in our classroom:

  1. Respect for ourselves.
  2. Respect for others.
  3. Respect for the environment.
  4. Respect for technology.


Every rule can be placed in one of these categories, in which you’ll be working as a class to create in the first days of school.


Discipline Expectations: If one of these four rules are broken, the following will occur.  Serious infractions will skip steps.


  1. Verbal Warning
  2. 2nd Verbal Warning and POP sheet
  3. Parent contact--by phone, text, or email
  4. Referral to the dean