Phone: 815-886--2216 ext 6656


Degrees and Certifications:

BA English and Business Administration MBA Marketing M.Ed Teaching and Learning

Mrs. Kathleen Howe

I am a second career teacher; I spent twenty-five years in the insurance industry.  As a result, I bring a perspective to my teaching that is focused on career and life skills, as well as the study of literature and writing.  My interests tend toward creative skills, too; reading and writing of course, and knitting and photography.  The classroom culture we create is one that fosters empathy, social justice, and an understanding that every choice has a consequence.

And…consequences can be bad, or good. 


Welcome to Eighth Grade Honors Language Arts and Seventh Grade Standard Language Arts.  There are two ways to contact me:   the first is through voice mail, the second through email, as follows:


Mrs. Kathie Howe:  815-886-2216, ext 6656




My plan period is from  from 11:15 to 11:55.  I will respond as soon as we am able to; please keep in mind that I may call in the evening, so leave contact numbers where we can reach you.


Student homework is posted to Google Classroom.  When the student is absent, he or she can check Google Classroom.  Copies of documents will be posted only if copyright restrictions would not be violated.  Otherwise, the student will receive a copy in class.  Students are expected to maintain a binder or folder of handouts, and are expected to keep their class materials in good order and up to date.



Students are expected to complete all classwork and homework as required, both formative and summative.  In the case of summative assignments, at least 70% of the formative work MUST be completed before a retake will be allowed.  For example, if a student writes an essay that receives a D or an F, and the student did none of the formative work (developing a claim statement, completing an outline or organizer, completing paragraphs as due), that student will be required to go back, and complete that work and check in each step along the way.  The formative work is deisgned to keep students on track and successful.


Students are expected to read independently outside of class for 20 minutes per day (at least 100 minutes per week).  This is considered homework; the reason for this expectation is to allow the student to build stamina for reading longer texts, as well as to improve vocabulary and written skills.