Degrees and Certifications:

BS Art Education- NIU: Northern Illinois University MS Art + Design Education- UNSW: University of New South Wales (AUS)

Mr. Charlie McDermott

I have been teaching at Brooks Middle School since it was created. I have a Bachelors in Art Education from NIU and a Masters in Art + Design Education from the University of New South Wales (Sydney AUS). I am also a practicing artist with specialties in audio-visual and painting.
Our ART curriculum at Brooks is very dynamic and offers students a wide array of choices. Students are able to choose their projects among materials like: Clay, Filmmaking, Computer Animation, Video Game Design, Drawing, Sculpture, Printmaking, Portraiture, Photography, Graphic Design, Painting, 3D Design and 3D Printing,  
We strive to learn material constraints and technical strategies to develop and explore our ideas and communicate our message. The goal of the class is NOT to make beautiful things... (Although that is most often a result we see!) Rather our true purpose is learn how to effectively problem-solve using a variety of materials and tools to effectively communicate an idea.  We are creators of content. We can shape and create culture with content.