Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Pietrzycki ( currently Mrs. Schweiger for 4 months, but no one uses that name)

Within 6th grade math, we do the work of HEROES.

matH ratios


numbeR systems




Upon the completion of your math training, you will become faster than a calculator, more powerful than an exponent, able to leap to solutions in a single bound. Yes, YOU will have the superpower of 6th grade math. 

Guiding you along this journey is me.  Who am I you ask.  I am someone who wears many different hats - your teacher; sister to two younger brothers; wife of 30 years and now a wife of 4 months; a mother of 4 children; a nanna to 4 grandchildren; caretaker of one very old deaf dog named Trucker; and a student who takes classes just for the sake of learning something new.



I hold a B.A. in education with credentials to teach math, language arts, science, social science, and enrichment.