Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Reenstjerna

My name is Kris Reenstjerna, the 6th grade Counselor, but my students call me Mrs. R.  My role as Counselor is to provide students with the social, emotional and academic support they need to be successful. 

Middle School is an exciting time of growth for your child!  It is a time for learning how to take more responsibility and of enjoying the privileges which come with that responsibility.  It is a time for learning how to adjust to the requirements and expectations of multiple teachers, how to use a locker, and how to change clothes for PE in a crowded locker room.  These are new experiences for your 6th grader, but what seems daunting in the first week of school will become second-nature in just a few weeks! 6th graders develop a sense of ownership and confidence from learning how to accomplish these things.

As parents and guardians, you play a tremendous role in helping your student adjust to middle school by helping him/her learn to become more responsible, and to make good choices with the freedom this responsibility can bring.  Help your child learn how to make good decisions about things like homework, meals, friends, by providing choices. Then discuss with and allow him/her to think about the consequences or results of each choice in order to figure out which is the best option to use.  Help teach responsibility by discussing with your student where he/she wants to set out the backpack and schoolwork at home each night; then ensure that your child places it in the same location every night so it is always there as he/she is running out the door. It takes 28 days to develop a habit - don't despair if it seems you keep having to remind him/her for a while! Even something as simple as having your child wake up to his/her own alarm clock to get ready for school will help teach your student about being responsible and the importance of getting to school on time. 

6th graders are growing up and, while they may think they have all the answers(!), they still need you to set boundaries, provide expectations and help them learn how to make good choices. I love working with your students as they consider options and choices for the decisions they make in middle school.  My door is always open to students and parents, so please feel free to contact me if you have questions or concerns about adjusting to life with a middle schooler!