Romeoville High School World Languages Department

  • Thank you for visiting the Romeoville High School World Languages Department. Our superior language program is designed using most current and researched best practices that propels our students' language acquisition. We use all authentic resources and speak 90-100% of the target langauge in our classrooms to support our students performance and profiency in the language they are learning. 

    Our current language offerings are Spanish, French and Heritage Spanish (for native speakers) and our courses offered range from Level I to Level IV. This year we are excited to add Mandarin Chinese, Level I to our available language courses. While we do not currently have an Advanced Placement course offered, students are still eligible to take the AP exam.

  • The mission of the World Languages Department of VVSD is to teach critical language skills via structured learning opportunities that authentically practice all modes of communication* [interpretive (comprehending), interpersonal (person-person communication) & presentational (prepared)] in real-life situations. Students will also learn about other cultures, see how culture and language are intertwined, and make comparisons with their own cultures.