• Supplies & Donations
    Supply / Donations List

    This is not required, but a donation of some of the items are welcome. 

    Personal Items
    Please do not have your child bring personal items to school such as jewelry or toys. We are not responsible for items that are lost or broken.

    Due to liability concerns, we prefer that personal items/equipment be donated to an organization or early intervention program which would benefit other families who may need items.

    A backpack (NO wheeled carts) is necessary to carry information and students’ work home.

    Snacks will be provided by the school. Students can bring a personal water bottle with them in their backpacks. 

    The children will have many opportunities to cook at school. You may be asked to send some cooking ingredients to school. Or better yet, join in the activities!

    Dress for Play & Weather/Send Extra Clothing
    Children should come to school dressed in clothes for play. The children will be playing outside everyday even during the winter except when the wind chill and temperature is too cold. Send appropriate clothes for the weather. Also send your child to school in gym shoes or shoes that cover their toes. This makes it safer for them to participate in motor activities and climb on playground equipment. Please send an extra set of clothes in case your child has an accident or gets wet during play activities. Your child’s name should be on all clothing.

    If your child is not potty trained, send in whatever he wears for changing such as diapers/pull-ups clearly marked with the child’s name. Baby wipes are needed for changing your child too.

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