• Transportation 
    School Bus
    Bus services will be provided if the student is eligible by the Valley View School District. Your child will be picked up at your door or as close to your residence as possible. Before your child’s first day of school, the bus driver will call you, introduce herself and ask if there are any concerns. The bus driver will contact you again, a few days later, with the approximate pick up and drop off time for your child.

    If your child starts school during the school year, the transportation department will notify you with your child’s bus information. Please have your child ready five minutes before pick up time. The parent may board the bus to assist in securing the student in the child safety seat. The bus driver will always check that the safety seat is properly secured. At school, the staff will meet the children at the bus and escort them to their classroom.

    Sometimes the bus may be a few minutes late due to weather or road conditions or student needs. Routes may not always run perfectly on time. We would appreciate your understanding during these times. We will make every effort to bring your children to school and home in a safe and timely fashion. Your child’s safety is always our highest priority. If you need to call transportation the number is 815-886-6686. 

    Backpack tags and car tags will be given to the parents when the child starts school. The backpack tag will have the child’s mascot to identify their classroom and the bus number. Always have the backpack tag secured for safety reasons. Car tags must be displayed in car window for pick up.

    It is very important that drop off and pick up procedures for your preschooler are followed for safety reasons. It is important that we know where every child is and who is picking them up.

    If your child usually takes the bus and you need to instead pick them up from school, please send a written note with your child to school letting us know your child should not be put on the bus that day. If you have an emergency that comes up, please contact us an hour before dismissal to notify us that your child will be picked up and not riding the bus home.