• Student Attendance 
    Attendance is very important. Your child needs to be at school everyday. This is very important for their learning. If your child is sick and going to be absent from school, you must call the school office at 815-886-7827. Please provide the school secretary with your child’s name, teacher’s name, reason for absence, and expected date of return to school. If your child rides the bus, you must let the bus company know your child will not be coming to school. Call transportation at 815-886-6686.

    Please send a note from the doctor whenever:
    • Your child is seen by the doctor for a possibly contagious illness
    • Your child has a new or changed daily medication
    • Your child is admitted to the hospital or has surgery of any kind
    • A doctor’s note is required when your child has been absent for 3 days or more.
    • If your child is absent for an extended period of time, a phone conference or meeting may be requested.
    We need written authorization to continue therapies provided at school whenever the above situations are present.
teacher taking attendance on paper
  • Dr. James Mitchem Early Childhood Center

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