• Parent Involvement 

    When your child enters the Dr. James Mitchem Early Childhood Center, part of the commitment is for the parents/guardians to participate too. Your participation will be documented along with your child’s school attendance. Your involvement is shared with local and state leaders. You will have many opportunities to be involved. 

    Communication is Important

    The Early Childhood staff encourages consistent and open communication. Your child will benefit by ongoing communication with the teacher. Staff will communicate in a variety of ways through newsletters, home/school notebooks, phone calls, email, parent-teacher conferences and home visits. You and the teacher may use any of these types of communication.

    Parent Education is Beneficial
    Parents are encouraged to attend parent workshops. Preschoolers and siblings attend these parent events as well. The staff offers Child Enrichment Activities for your preschooler. The purpose is to provide you opportunities to learn and share ideas with presenters and other parents. Parents will be signing a participation commitment form which identifies how you will become involved monthly in your child’s education.

    School Events Build Memories
    Besides parent involvement activities and workshops, there are school events. There is the Fall Festival, Winter Frolics, Spring Fling and an End of the Year Picnic. All these events include children and their siblings. Field Trips are only for adults and your child in their classroom.

    Play Date Booklet for Parents
    Your child will benefit and improve their social skills the more they are with other children. The staff has developed a play-date booklet with families names, phone numbers and email to call other parents and set up a play-date. Parents must sign a permission form to have their information included in the booklet. This is only for Valley View Early Childhood families and not for solicitation purposes.

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