• Community Living Services 
    Community living encompasses a variety of domains. It includes housing, recreation and services designed to assist with living independently in the community. In Will County, there are a number of different residential options. In order to become a participant in one of these programs, one must first open a case with Services Inc. (815-741-0800).

    Questions to think about or ask service providers:
    1. Where do you want to live after graduation or in the future? 
    2. What independent living skills do you have?
    3. What independent living skills do you need assistance with?
    4. How much support do you need?
    5. What is the staff per resident ratio per shift? 
    6. What services other than room and board do you provide?
    7. What community-based or in-house resources for leisure activities are there?
    8. What is the visitor policy?
    9. What assurances are there to guarantee an individual’s rights?
    10. What type of transportation is near where you live in order for you to get around the community independently?

Recreation Resources

Residential Resources

Transportation Resources

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  • Secondary Transition Experience Program

    360 Blair Lane, Door #13
    Bolingbrook, IL 60440
    Phone: (630) 679-1210
    Fax: (630) 679-1069

    Línea Telefónica en Español:
    (815) 886-2700 ext. 6477