STEP Entrance
  • The Secondary Transition Experience Program (STEP) is a Special Education initiative within the Bolingbrook and Romeoville public schools for young adults ages 18-22. STEP supports motivated and enthusiastic young adults who are looking for guidance in developing work and independent life skills. 
    • Learning occurs in both the classroom and community setting. 
    • Students have the opportunity to participate in WILCO courses, job sites, and community trips that will prepare them for the adult world. 
    • Independent living skills are addressed through the curriculum that will increase the student’s independence.
    • Student schedules are built around the student’s IEP transition plan.
    • A schedule is sent home so both the students and parents are able to prepare for each day of the week. 
    • Student and family input and participation is expected and essential to student success. 
    • Parents need to complete permission slips and provide authorization so students can access different services
    • Students are expected to come to work and school well groomed and ready to learn. Students are expected to be dressed appropriately for work and being out in the community. 

    Our Vision
    STEP ensures that each student has the necessary tools and community supports to succeed in the future. We model and teach integrity, respect, creativity, and accountability to prepare each student to reach their full potential. In partnership with students and their families, bridges are built between school and the community that allow for smooth and successful transitions for students with disabilities. These partnerships are essential in providing our students’ vocational, emotional, independent, and functional living skills necessary to be successful, respectful, and honest members of society. 
  • Secondary Transition Experience Program

    360 Blair Lane, Door #13
    Bolingbrook, IL 60440
    Phone: (630) 679-1210
    Fax: (630) 679-1069

    Línea Telefónica en Español:
    (815) 886-2700 ext. 6477