• Technology Department 
    Our mission is to provide all learners, educators and administrators with equitable access to secure, reliable, and innovative technology in a timely and fiscally responsible manner. The provision of technology plus associated training and professional development is in alignment with and designed to meet the District’s mission: To empower ALL learners to be college and career ready and to develop, grow, and achieve as productive citizens

    We’ve improved communication to provide easier access to resources using platforms like social media, websites and our mobile app. There is also a new digital phone system at every school.
    We’ve expanded our Wi-Fi infrastructure to provide 40,000 simultaneous connections district-wide. Our Internet access will continue to improve, with a goal of reaching the state infrastructure goal of 100 kbps/student. 
    Data Security & Privacy
    Our security hardware, software, and policies ensure our student data is private and protected. We continuously monitor internet access through web content filtering. 
    Data Availability
    We will provide all stakeholders with easy access to data, reports and metrics through a new data warehouse. 
    Training & Professional Development
    We support the integration of technology in classrooms with the addition of Instructional Specialists and a continued partnership with Building Technology Support Staff.
    Digital Tools & Computing Devices
    The “Limitless Learning 1 to 1 Initiative” will increase the use of digital tools in the classrooms. Over the next three years, we plan to add 9,000 student devices, for a total of 16,000 student devices district-wide. We also plan to replace traditional computer labs with mobile Chromebook carts.
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