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     April 17, 2017

    District Staff -

    We are continuing our efforts to support a culture of continuous improvement that is focused on results to ensure we maximize our impact on our learners. A critical foundational component is ensuring that we have systems and tools in place that support our use of data to identify needs, set goals, and monitor progress. Replacement of the District’s foundational data / information systems is an identified need that must be addressed to support continued evolvement as a district . This year has seen the continued growth in use and integration of the first phase in that initiative, the data warehouse solution, DecisionEd. This application is being used to support the work that our District’s educators and administrators complete to ensure all students in our district have equitable access to high-quality, educational opportunities and ensure they are college and career ready once they leave our district. The next phase of this initiative will be the implementation of a new Student Information System (SIS) to replace our CIMS application.

    As we plan the move from the 30 year old CIMS system to a next generation Student Information System (SIS) it will change the way that we all collect and access data. The system has served us well for many years but a change is needed that will provide many advantages, including a complete web accessible platform with many integrated components. We will begin the project with a discovery phase to identify core components and functionalities that will be required of a new system. To ensure all needs are correctly identified and prioritized, a committee of key stakeholders has been identified and will be contacted to join the project team. Their input, along with feedback from specialized user groups,  will be critical in ensuring an accurate needs assessment is completed that will form the basis of a request for proposal (RFP).

    This communication will be the first of many to ensure that all staff members are aware of this project we are embarking upon and the resultant changes that will occur as an outcome of the new Student Information System (SIS). Next steps will be to reach out to the prospective project team members and outline the process and timeline for project completion. We will also be launching a web page to communicate the progress and track the major milestones of this extremely important project.


    Dr. James Mitchem