• ROTC 200 / 300

    Welcome Back Cadets!!

    The second and third year of AFJROTC will consist of (The Science of Flight & Communication, Awareness, and Leadership). The curriculum contains some valuable information that will prepare you for leadership opportunities and skills to utilize during/after high school. This year you will also work extensively with Google Classroom and Google Apps. There will be many hands-on projects, to include collaborative assignments.

    We will be in the classroom on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, with Thursday being Inspection Day and Friday being PT Day.

    I look forward to seeing all the returning and new Cadets.


    MSgt Sinnaeve
    Office Phone: (630) 679-3524


    Google Classroom is only accessible to students enrolled in this class. Students can go to classroom.google.com and log in using their Valley View Google accounts to view specific classroom content. 

    Links & Resources 
    Google Calendar will be used exclusively. I expect every cadet to become familiar and refer to this calendar. Please share this information with your parents/guardians also. Everything we plan and do in AFJROTC will be included on this calendar.


    Google Calendar Link:
    Cadet Resources:
    All cadet resources will be available through a link in Google Classroom and the AFJROTC Website. 
    Note:  It is extremely important that you review the continuation requirements located within the syllabus. Please contact me with any questions. 
    Link to IL-091 Website