1:1 Chromebook Sync Reports

  • The reports below will show Student 1:1 Chromebooks that have not synced with our Google Administration Console within the last 5, 10 or 15 days. A Chromebook will "sync" when it is powered on and has an active connection to the Internet. These reports are interactive and are able to be filtered or sorted.

    Chromebooks that appear on this list are tagged as Student Chromebooks. Student Chromebooks are only intended to be used by Student VVSD Google accounts. If a staff member appears on the list, please contact the Helpdesk so we may verify the classification of the device.

    The student information listed below (Student ID, Name, Grade, Absence Code) is based on the last known student logon for that particular Chromebook.

    To view these reports, please ensure you are signed into Google with your VVSD Google Account.

5 Day Sync (Notification to Family)

10 Day Sync (Chromebook to be Disabled)

15 Day Sync (Police Notification)