• Departments

    If you are looking for a listing of staff members in each department, please see the Staff Directory or Find a Teacher. Enter the department name in the title section of the search bar.
    Our mission is “To develop citizens of character dedicated to serving their nation and community.” It is a place where you will not only start to grasp important life lessons, but you will truly feel a sense of accomplishment, belonging, and pride that comes with teamwork and success. AFJROTC is not a recruiting program; there is never any obligation to join the military. For more information, contact MSgt Tim Sinnaeve at (630) 679-3524 or sinnaevetl@vvsd.org.

    The visual arts provide students with unique learning opportunities which focus on a holistic approach to art and include a variety of classes such as ceramics, drawing, digital photography and intro to art. Want to know more? Contact Heather Colombatto at colombattohg@vvsd.org or 630-679-3519.

    Career and Technical Education

    CTE courses are essential in enhancing every student's ability to make informed decisions in their multiple roles as citizens, consumers, and professionals. An investment in CTE prepares students for college and the workforce. CTE courses provide interactive student-centered learning in a modern state-of-the-art environment with the support of experienced educators, community business partners, and local universities. With 79 courses offered in CTE, students may explore many different career paths. Adam Brown, department chair, can be reached at (630) 679-3522 or brownar@vvsd.org.

    Our school counselors provide a comprehensive approach to ensure all students graduate, providing academic, college, career, social, and emotional support to meet the needs of our diverse learning community in order to develop resilient, effective, and valued members of a global community beyond high school.  Lauren Ross is the Department Chair and can be reached at rosscl@vvsd.org or at (630) 679 - 3434.


    Deans help students resolve non-academic problems that may interfere with their educational opportunities. Deans also handle all attendance issues and discipline referrals, and report this information to building leaders and parents.  The Dean's office can be called at (630) 679-3460.
    Have you read a great book lately?  I know a great group of educators who have endless recommendations... the English department.  Our department strives to foster a love of reading and writing in our quest to support college, career, and life readiness.  Do you have a question, concern, or celebration?  Contact Tom Demos, the Core Content Administrator for Literacy, at 630-679-3403 or via email demost@vvsd.org.

    For more information,

    Kinetic Wellness and Driver Education
    For information on Physical Education, Health and Driver Education, please contact Andrea Heil, Content Administrator at heilan@vvsd.org or 630-679-3450.  

    The mission of the Math Department at Bolingbrook High School is to prepare students to be functioning members of society by raising their level of mathematical understanding through the use of technology and discovery. Please contact Rachel Dieter, Content Administrator for Math, with any questions or comments at dieterra@vvsd.org or 630-679-3508. 

    The Bolingbrook High School music department offers a variety of music classes to students.  There are several Choral and Band classes, some of which require an audition. We also offer AP Music Theory, Guitar Methods, Piano Keyboarding, Music Technology and Trifecta.  Want to know more? Contact Aimee Rupsis email: rupsisaa@vvsd.org or phone 630-679-3504. 

    Science is so much more than a bunch of boring facts or a teacher with crazy hair and a lab coat.    But what is Science?    Science is exciting!  Ever want to dissect a shark, build a car or add chemicals to make a new substance?  Science is everywhere!  Look around you: the way the door opens, the way your heart pumps or the weather are all Science.   At BHS we offer 16 different science courses to answer everyone’s curiosities.  If you want to learn more about the Science Department, please contact Rebecca Williams, the Core Content Administrator for Science at williamr@vvsd.org or 630-679-3642.   

    Social Studies
    The Bolingbrook High School Social Studies Department is committed to offering exciting lesson opportunities to students that are research-based and engaging.  We proudly offer BHS students the opportunity to enroll in AP courses and potentially gain college credit all four years of high school! Learn more about Social Studies by contacting Elizabeth Hinde, Core Content Administrator for Social Studies at hindeel@vvsd.org or 630-679-3547.

    Special Education
    For more information about our special education supports, you may contact Ms. Lauren Willis, Assistant Principal for Special Education at willisla@vvsd.org or at (630) 679 - 3422. 

    World Languages 

    ¿Hablas español? Parlez-vous français? 你会说中文吗?  We hope you do, but if not, you’ve come to the right place! Our mission in the BHS World Languages Department is to teach critical language skills in Spanish, French and Chinese via structured learning opportunities that authentically practice all modes of communication [interpretive (comprehending), interpersonal (person-person communication) & presentational (prepared)] in real-life situations. Students will also learn about other cultures, see how culture and language are intertwined, and make comparisons with their own cultures. Kelsey Fletcher-Broucek is our World Languages Department Chair and can be reached at (630) 679-3804 or fletcherks@vvsd.org