• Remote Learning


    Starting April 7, 2020, Valley View School District will begin Remote Learning (rLearning) for all students. This will be a transition from our previous approach to optional online learning. During rLearning, students will have work assigned by their teachers that can be completed online. In addition, there will be a process for all students to "check-in" daily with their school to show they are learning.

    Frequently Asked Questions
    Click here for a list of frequently asked questions and answers, including information about what supports are available to students and families.

    Student Learning
    Please scroll down to review grade level specific information about expectations for your child's participation.

    Below you can also review the calendar of dates for April that shows which days students will engage in rLearning. There will also be "non-attendance" days for students where educators will work on lesson plans and supports for our students.

  • *All Remote Learning and Remote Learning Planning Days are tentatively scheduled and subject to change based on return to on-site instruction.

  • Middle School Sample Lessons & Information

    All middle school students will have work uploaded by their teachers and other staff members into Google Classroom. Depending upon the subject area, work will be updated daily or weekly for students to complete. Here are some sample lessons for parents/guardians to review.

    Grade 6 English Language Arts

    Grade 7 Mathematics

    Grade 8 STEM (Science)

    Physical Education


    High School Information

    All high school students will engage in learning that is uploaded to Google Classroom by their teachers. Certain specialized courses may also use an alternate online option. High school teachers will be planning lessons unqiuely for each course, and parents/guardians & students can contact their teachers directly with any questions or need for support.


    Students and Parents/Guardians for all grade levels can review helpful information and tools to guide online learning from home.