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    Middle School Summer Reading Challenge

    Let’s Read!

    In May, each student will recieve a copy of the same book - Clean Getaway by Nic Stone.

    Challenge yourself to drop in to our virtual summer reading book club to chat about the bestselling book, Clean Getaway by Nic Stone. We’ll talk about the wild and crazy spring break roadtrip G’ma takes Scoob on. There will be fun, weekly activities as well! 


    Are you up for the challenge?


    Join the Clean Getaway Virtual Book Club!

    If you are interested in joining the Clean Getaway summer reading book club, please use the code below to join the Google Classroom and participate in fun activities and discussions. We will meet weekly, starting June 7 through July 5. 

    Class Code: 33yutyv

    In addition to reading Clean Getaway we challenge yourself to:  
    • participate in a conversation about Clean Getaway with someone else from our reading community.
    • read one more book than last summer.
    • read 15 minutes or more a day, 5 days a week.
    • create a list of books that I would someday be interested in reading.
    • read a new genre.
    • go to the public library to browse books or to attend an activity, such as participating in the public library Summer Reading Contest.
    • read two books by the same author.
    • seek resources for meaning of words or concepts that are confusing to me.
    • read a book about an issue or topic that I feel strongly about.
    • read a book that won a literary award.
    • read a book and then watch the movie based on the book (in that order).
    • read a book and have a discussion about it.
    • read to a sibling or to another person.
    • read a book review to find a book I am interested in reading. Suggestion: www.goodreads.com.
    • read at least 8 books this summer.
    • reflect on who I am as a reader.

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