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  •  Davon Maxey

    Davon Maxey - Romeoville High School, Class of 2017

    Davon Maxey (Romeoville HS ‘17) is an ISACorps Community Worker in the Joliet Junior College District, helping middle and high school students learn more about continuing their education beyond high school.  Davon represents the Illinois Student Assistance Commission in their tireless efforts to inform students about the financial assistance available for those who seek to attend college.  He works directly with students and their families explaining sources of college financial aid, conducting financial aid workshops, and providing assistance in navigating the college applications processes.  Davon holds a bachelor’s degree in communication and media from Aurora University.

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  •  Lissette Puente

    Lissette Puente - Bolingbrook High School, Class of 2015

    Lissette Puente (Bolingbrook HS ‘15) Lissette is currently in her final semester as a student, pursuing her Bachelor of Arts degree from St. Francis University in Elementary Education.  Lissette is completing her student teaching at Tibbott Elementary School. After graduating from BHS, Lissette attended Joliet Junior College before transferring to St. Francis and is seeking to become a bilingual elementary school teacher. As a student, Lissette was inspired to a career in education by witnessing the direct impact a teacher can have on students. 

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  •  David Younce

    David Younce - Bolingbrook High School, Class of 1992

    David Younce (Bolingbrook HS ‘92) David is currently Chief of Staff at AM LLC, an organization designing and delivering innovative, comprehensive, and scalable solutions through public/private partnerships. Prior to joining AM, David served for seven years as Superintendent of Schools in the Mill River Union Unified School District in Vermont.  During that time, David also served for two years as President of the Vermont Superintendents Association.

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  •  Bradly Malloy

    Bradly Malloy - Romeoville High School, Class of 2015

    Bradly Malloy (Romeoville HS ‘15) Bradly is a 3rd Grade Teacher at B.J. Ward Elementary School.  After graduating from RHS, Bradly attended Joliet Junior College earning his Associate of Arts degree in 2018.  Bradly’s next educational step was to earn a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology from Eastern Illinois University in 2020.  After joining the VVSD staff, Bradly continued his education in the Master’s Program at Lewis University, earning a Master’s in Elementary Education in 2022.

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  •  Nicole Gage

    Nicole Gage - Romeoville High School, Class of 1998

    Nicole Gage (Romeoville HS ‘98) is Assistant Director of Student Services at Romeoville HS.  Nicole says working in the same building in which you attended high school is comfortable and it makes it easy to be committed to the success of the students.  Nicole earned her Bachelor's Degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign and also holds Masters' Degrees in Special Education from Northern Illinois University and Educational Leadership from Concordia.

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  •  Troy Doris

    Troy Doris -Bolingbrook High School, Class of 2007

    Troy Doris (Bolingbrook HS ‘07) is a member of the Village of Bolingbrook Board of Trustees.  Troy became the first Bolingbrook resident to compete in the Olympic Games when he represented Guyana in the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Summer Games, placing 7th in the Men’s Triple Jump.  Troy earned a gold medal at the 2018 Commonwealth Games.  

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  •  Hollie Burgess

    Hollie Burgess - Romeoville High School, Class of 2005

    Hollie Burgess (Romeoville HS ‘05) is a Customs and Border Protection Officer.  After graduating from RHS, she joined the United State Air Force and served until 2011. Hollie continued her education by earning a Master's Degree in Homeland Security.  She then joined U.S. Customs and Border Protection in the Department of Homeland Security.  She was a vital member in an operation that led to the discovery of 242 lbs. of concealed narcotics. 

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  •  Bri Webb

    Bri Webb - Bolingbrook High School, Class of 2014

    Bri Webb (Bolingbrook HS ‘14) is in her first year as a 5th Grade Resource Teacher at Skoff Elementary.  Bri went to the University of St. Francis and graduated in 2020 with a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology, then went back to the University of St. Francis to get a Master's Degree in Special Education, graduating in 2022. Bri credits current BHS Asst. Principal Jaclyn Lewis for being a positive influence by being patient and caring as a math teacher.

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  •  Kevin Viduna

    Kevin Viduna - Romeoville High School, Class of 2007

    Kevin Viduna (Romeoville HS ‘07) is a law enforcement officer for the Village of Romeoville Police Department since July, 2020.  At a young age, Kevin developed and interest in law enforcement and the ability of police officers to make the communities in which they serve better places to live.  Kevin earned a bachelor’s degree from Western Illinois University in criminal justice and law enforcement administration, and he attended the University of Illinois at Chicago School of Law. 

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  •  April Vacik

    April Vacik - Bolingbrook High School, Class of 1985

    April Vacik (Bolingbrook HS ‘85) is the Principal of Irene King Elementary School in Romeoville and has served in that role since 2009. April began her career in VVSD as a teacher at Irene King, left for brief time to work in the VVSD curriculum development before returning as assistant principal and then becoming principal. April is known for her dedication to Irene King families as well as students. April was instrumental in the opening of the West Suburban Community Food Pantry within the school in November 2019.

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  •  Rachel Dellamorte

    Rachel Dellamorte - Romeoville High School, Class of 1993

    Rachel Dellamorte (Romeoville HS ‘93) is the Continuous Improvement Coaching Coordinator at Humphrey Middle School. Rachel is a lifetime Bolingbrook resident (there was a time when some Bolingbrook residents attended Romeoville HS!) and she is raising her family in the very same community in which she grew up.  After serving for two decades as a classroom teacher, Rachel now assists other teachers in their continuous improvement as educators through professional development providing relevant growth opportunities.

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  •  Dr. Matthew Glowiak

    Dr. Matthew Glowiak - Bolingbrook High School, Class of 2001

    Dr. Matthew Glowiak, PhD (Bolingbrook HS ‘01) is Clinical Mental Health Counseling Core Faculty at Southern New Hampshire Univ. and contributing faculty with Yorkville d Walden Univs. Matt has an emerging record of scholarship published in journal, magazine and newsletter articles, textbook chapters, national presentations, and television appearances. He writes and publishes children’s books including Dinosaur Door and Good Morning, Sunshine. He is also a proud parent of VVSD students. 

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  •  Jackie and Mitchell Yelenosky

    Mitchell & Jackie Yelenosky - Bolingbrook High School, Class of 2014 & 2015

    Jackie Yelenosky (Bolingbrook HS ‘15) and Mitchell Yelenosky (Bolingbrook HS ‘14) are the authors (Jackie is also the illustrator) of the published children’s book “Super Sammy”. The book is about their younger sister and current BHS student, Sammy Yelenosky who has Down Syndrome and triumphs over severe illness. Jackie is a Univ. of Iowa graduate and manages authors for Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. Mitchell is an U.S. Army captain, West Point graduate, and Black Hawk helicopter pilot.

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  •  Morgan Tuck

    Morgan Tuck - Bolingbrook High School, Class of 2012

    Morgan Tuck (Bolingbrook HS ’12) is the Director of Franchise Development for the Connecticut Sun of the Women’s National Basketball Association.  She retired as a player in 2021 after one of the most highly decorated basketball careers of any player. In a 13-year span beginning in 2009, Morgan played on three IHSA champions at BHS, four NCAA champions at the University of Connecticut, and one WNBA champion with the Seattle Storm.

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  •  Eileen Kill-Hardin

    Eileen Kill-Hardin - Bolingbrook High School, Class of 1989

    Eileen Kill-Hardin (Bolingbrook HS ’89) is a third grade teacher at Oak View Elementary School, the same school she attended as a student. Eileen was the same age as her current students when Oak View suffered fire damage in 1980. Eileen and her classmates finished the year at North View Elementary (now the Compass Church) and then attended fourth grade at Valley View Elementary (now the Mitchem Early Childhood Center) before returning to Oak View for fifth grade.

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  •  Amy LaFauce

    Amy LaFauce - Romeoville High School, Class of 2004

    Amy LaFauce (Romeoville HS ’04) Amy is the Director of Community Services for Catholic Charities in DuPage County.  She has worked for Catholic Charities for over a decade.  Amy holds two degrees from the University of Illinois Chicago, earning her bachelor’s degree, followed by a Master of Social Work degree in 2010. 

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  •  Abbey Spain & Heather Chika

    Abbey Spain & Heather Chika - Bolingbrook High School, Class of 2013 & 2008

    Abbey Spain (Bolingbrook HS ’13) and Heather Chika (Bolingbrook HS ’08) are Kindergarten Co-Teachers at Jonas Salk Elementary School.  They grew up in the same neighborhood in the western portion of Bolingbrook, but because of their slight age difference, really didn’t know each other until they began working together!

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  •  Dr. Michael Aguilar

    Dr. Michael Aguilar - Romeoville High School, Class of 2003

    Dr. Michael Aguilar (Romeoville HS ’03) is the Assistant Principal at Irene King Elementary School. Mike attended VVSD schools starting in kindergarten. After he graduated from RHS, he went to Illinois State University and then began his teaching career at Brooks Middle School. Dr. Aguilar also holds a master’s degree from Concordia and a doctorate earned at the University of St. Francis.

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  •  Amy Rupsis

    Amy Rupsis - Bolingbrook High School, Class of 1997

    Amy Rupsis (Bolingbrook HS ’97) is the Bolingbrook HS Music Department Chair and teaches symphony and band classes. Amy was inspired to pursue a career in music after watching her older sister perform in the Jane Addams Middle School Band. She is a National Board Certified Teacher and holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Illinois and a master’s degree from Lewis University.

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  •  Tyler Elmore

    Tyler Elmore - Bolingbrook High School, Class of 2021

    Tyler Elmore (Bolingbrook HS ’21) is a Product Analyst for Belvedere Trading LLC, a firm trading equities and indexes located in downtown Chicago. Tyler attended Loyola University in Chicago, earning a business degree in information systems and data analysis. He also competed in track & field as a member of the Loyola sprinting team.

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  •  Alexandria Dodge-Fogel

    Alexandria Dodge-Fogel - Romeoville High School, Class of 2000

    Alexandria Dodge-Fogel (Romeoville HS ’00) is a chief petty officer serving our country as a member of the United States Navy aboard the USS Paul Ignatius. 15 months after graduating from RHS, Allie was called to action by the 9/11 terrorist attacks. She is retiring soon after 20 years of service. “I've seen most of the world, I've gained a sense of pride in what we have accomplished and what the Navy has in store for the future."

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  •  Joseph Yesufu

    Joseph Yesufu - Bolingbrook High School, Class of 2019

    Joseph Yesufu (Bolingbrook HS ’19) is currently a sophomore attending the University of Kansas majoring in finance. Joseph is also a member of the nationally ranked Kansas Jayhawks men’s basketball team. Last year while attending Drake University, he was selected as the Missouri Valley Conference Sixth Man of the Year.

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  •  Jake Suffern

    Jake Suffern - Romeoville High School, Class of 2016

    Jake Suffern (Romeoville HS ’16) is a Video Color Assistant at The Mill, a video effects production house in Los Angeles.  Jake recently worked on the trailer for Pepsi that revealed the performers for the Super Bowl LVI Halftime show titled “The Call”.  Among the video effects in the trailer are creating a younger Eminem and adding computer generated palm trees in the Snoop Dogg portion of the film. 

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  •  Amanda Siegfried

    Amanda Siegfried - Romeoville High School, Class of 2006

    Amanda Siegfried (Romeoville HS ’06) is Senior Director of Communications for Oak Park Elementary School District 97.  Amanda earned her bachelor’s degree at Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism and then began her career as a journalist. Three years later, she shifted her career path to school communications.

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  •  Dan Laverty

    Dan Laverty - Bolingbrook High School, Class of 1987

    Dan Laverty (Bolingbrook HS ’87) is the Principal at VVSD’s very own Humphrey Middle School. After graduating from BHS, Dan enlisted in the United States Army and served in the infantry, stationed at Ft. Campbell KY. He used the GI Bill to earn his bachelor’s degree at Western Illinois University, and holds two master’s degrees in school administration and curriculum & instruction. Dan began his VVSD career as a guest teacher in 1995.

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