• better together

    We stand together with our diverse community and lean into our responsibility to actively work toward equitable opportunity, access and systems that support EVERY LEARNER. EVERY DAY.

    A little more than a decade ago, we began to focus our work in Valley View on creating systems that truly provide equitable opportunities and supports for every learner, including our children of color and our children from diverse backgrounds. We have made strides in challenging beliefs that run counter to our core beliefs. We have made gains in fixing inequities in the educational system that historically were not designed to support every child, particularly minority children or children from poverty. We took the charge head-on of closing the opportunity gap for learners through high standards for all learners with equitable supports. We were one of the first districts to shift toward restorative justice practices long before it was required, and we have taken first steps in educating ourselves about trauma informed practices and topics of social justice at all levels, including forming a committee of diverse voices to discuss how we can continue to foster an inclusive and equitable learning experience.  We have been engaged in a planning effort to diversify our workforce through a career pathway opportunity for our students in partnership with a local university and we know our efforts cannot stop there.

    Our commitment to these efforts will not falter. While we are proud of our progress, we realize that we have a long way to go to truly impact systemic and lasting change in Valley View, our larger community and society in general. We realize our responsibility to foster courageous conversations about equity and race and will work toward this. We also realize our responsibility to listen to our students and prepare them with skills to navigate the world and successfully confront injustice and inequity that they may encounter in the real world. We realize our responsibility to support our staff to reflect, learn and continually grow to make a positive impact for our children, our system, and the larger community as well. 

    Valley View’s commitment to our diverse community and every child and every family stand. Our commitment to listening to the voices of our learners, families and staff stands. Our commitment to learning and growing together stands. We stand together for EVERY LEARNER. EVERY DAY.  

    Rachel Kinder
    Valley View Public Schools