• Equity & Continuous Improvement

    The Department of Equity and Continuous Improvement is focused on the intentional design of various systems to best meet the needs of every member of the Valley View community. Our Equity Leadership Infrastructure supports efforts at every level of our district to create and sustain equitable experiences, access to resources, and equal opportunity for our students, family, and staff.  

    We aim to cultivate a courageous, equity centered staff that values difference and has the will to remove barriers to success for all students and stakeholders. Through partnership and collaboration with multiple departments within our district, we are committed to designing a school system where everyone thrives. 

    Valley View School District will strive to ensure that a child's educational experience or outcomes are not predictable due to any social or cultural factor such as race, ethnicity, linguistic background, economic class, religion, gender, sexual orientation, physical and cognitive ability, or any other socio-political identity marker. 


  • District Equity Leadership Team

  • Courageous Leadership For Equity

  • Educational Equity

  • Statement on CRT and CRTL