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    Counselors at Brooks Middle School believe that all students are unique and dynamic individuals who are capable of becoming responsive and productive adults.  Our program is proactive and preventative in nature and is committed to meeting the needs of ALL students.  Opportunities and encouragement are provided by each member of the counseling department to help students develop a growing sense of responsibility for their personal/academic choices.  

    The Deans are responsible for the managing the discipline with our students and helping to promote the safety for all our students.  We meet with students individually and/or in small groups to help develop goals in promoting success for academic, behavioral, and social-emotional needs.  We utilize restorative justice practices and help process with students daily.  

    Hearing Itinerant
    The hearing itinerant teacher services direct and consult resource minutes to students who have a hearing loss. The resource services are scheduled in and out of the classroom based on the student’s educational need and the severity of the hearing loss.  Each student with a hearing loss is fully supported through academics, advocacy skills, and training about his or her hearing loss and amplification. 

    School Nurse
    The health office provides triage and treatment of injury and illness occurring at school, maintenance of health records, and general health promotion and referrals.  It is located inside the main office suite and is open from 7:55-2:45.  The Certified School Nurse actively participates in the identification and accommodation of students with disabilities.

    School Psychologist
    School psychologists are uniquely qualified members of school teams that support students' ability to learn and teachers' ability to teach. They apply expertise in mental health, learning, and behavior, to help children and youth succeed academically, socially, behaviorally, and emotionally.

    Social Worker
    School social workers are responsible for working with the students who have social work on their Individual Education Plans (IEP). The skills we typically work on are social skills, appropriate peer relationships and boundaries, attending to tasks, teaching coping skills, teaching anger management and learning how to function successfully in their classroom.

    Speech-Language Therapist
    Speech-language pathologists in schools collaborate with teachers, special educators, interpreters, other school personnel, and parents to develop and implement individual or group programs, provide counseling, and support classroom activities.

    Supported Education
    The Supported Education program is designed to provide intermediate to intense instructional support to students who are educated primarily in the general education classroom in which the general education and special education teacher collaborate about the supports the student needs to be successful. Special education supports can be provided in small groups with same age peers within the general education classroom, as well as in a small group setting outside of the general education program. Students in the Supported Education program have needs that require special education services and supports for more than 60% of their day. 


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