Bolingbrook High School
  • The mission of Bolingbrook High School is to provide and maintain an educational
    environment where all students succeed, enjoy participating in the school community, establish goals, and leave prepared to reach those goals.

    BHS School Loyalty*

    Cheer! Cheer! For Bolingbrook High
    Strike out the banners, carry them high!
    Let’s all shout our victory cry,
    Never surrender, never die,
    We’re always loyal, we’re always true,
    We’ll fight for victory and honor, too!
    Let’s all watch our black, red and white,
    Come homeward in victory.
    Raiders, Raiders—We’re the best,
    The best of the rest, cause we don’t mess!
    We’re tough, we’re strong we do no wrong.
    Go, Go-Go Raiders!

    *Sung to the tune of the Notre Dame Fight Song
  • Bolingbrook High School

    365 Raider Way
    Bolingbrook, IL 60440
    Phone: (630) 759-6400
    Fax: 630) 759-6365

    Línea Telefónica en Español:
    (815) 886-2700 ext. 6477