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  • Nutrition Services logo The Nutrition Services Department of the Valley View School District is a nonprofit $8 million dollar a year business. Over 175 part time Nutrition Services professionals take pride in preparing breakfast and lunch for about 18,000 students daily. We prepare food on site in all eighteen of our buildings.

    The Nutrition Services program is operated under the federally funded National School Lunch Act and Child Nutrition Act. The federal laws regulating the Nutrition Services programs are administered by the United States Department of Agriculture through the Illinois Department of Education. The USDA is an equal opportunity employer and provider.

    Nutrition Integrity
    • Nutritional values of meals are evaluated over a period of a week rather than judged on a single meal or food item.
    • Student meals contain adequate calories and a variety of foods to support growth, development, and a healthy weight.
    • Purchasing practices ensure the use of high quality ingredients and prepared items to maximize student acceptance. Nutrition Services professionals continue to work with industry to develop these foods.
    • Foods are prepared in ways that ensure a balance between optimal nutrition quality and student acceptance.
    • Foods offered to students in addition to the school breakfast and lunch will be of optimal nutrition quality.
    • The school cafeteria serves as an educational venue to promote good nutrition practices.
    We continually strive to improve the nutritional integrity of our breakfast and lunch programs.

Nutrition Services News

  • On Saturday, October 21st., Hermansen Kitchen competed in Chili Cook-off, She Won, So Students Won

    The Valley View School District Hunger Free Fund is the real winner.  Hermansen Elementary School Kitchen Manager Mrs. Mary Zahour took Second Place in the Knights of Columbus Chili Cup. 

    Manager Mary Zahour takes 2nd in Chili Cook Off.


    17-18 Free-Reduced Lunch Application Is NOW Available

    Visit our website to fill out a new Free/Reduced application.  Paper Applications will be available on the first day of school.  Last year's salmon colored paper applications will not be accepted.

    School Nutrition Association's Response to School Lunch Shaming
    The School Nutrition Association (SNA) has issued the following response to recent news reports about the treatment of students unable to pay for their school meals. Click here to read the complete article online. 

    School Lunches More Nutritious Than Home-Packed Lunches
    A new study published in the November-December issue of the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior found home-packed lunches on the whole had more fat, calories, saturated fat, sugar, vitamin c, and iron than school lunches. Home-packed lunches also had less protein, sodium, fiber, vitamin A, and calcium than school lunches. Furthermore, researchers found that the average school lunch had 512 calories and 26 grams of protein, while home-packed meals averaged 608 calories and only 18 grams of protein. Click here to read more.

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    Nutrition Services Staff & Contact Information 

    365 Raider Way
    Bolingbrook, IL 60440
    Phone: (630) 771-2931
    Fax: (630) 771-2937 


    General Inquiries:


    Meghan Gibbons, RD, LDN, SNS
    Director of Nutrition Services

    Tracie Suter, SNS
    Assistant Director of Nutrition Services

    Maria Nateras
    Executive Secretary

    Lisa Ramaglia
    Executive Secretary

    Denise Simpson
    Executive Secretary

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