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     Adding VVSD Email to Cell Phones & Smart Phones

    The following information and settings will assist you in connecting your cell phone/smart phone to the district email server to receive email.

    Personal Cell Phones/Smart Phones (iPhone, Android, etc.) are allowed to connect to our email system though the cell phone provider's network. Due to the vast number of cell phone types and manufacturers, Valley View School District is unable to provide assistance with setup or support for personal cell phones. If you have support issues or questions, please contact your cell phone provider.

    Connect to VVSD Email Server

    Use the suggested attributes shown below when configuring your email account on a personal cell phone or smart phone. These attributes may differ depending on the device.
  • For security purposes do NOT give your username and password to your cell phone provider when setting up your device. YOU are responsible for any email sent / received to your account. 

    Cell Phones or Smart Phones need the ability to remotely connect to an Exchange Server through Active Sync or Email for Exchange programs. Sometimes this is called Direct Push. The district does NOT support POPS or IMAP.

    Acceptable Use Policy

    The Valley View Email System is for school related business. It is not a personal email system. It is for that reason, all messages, documents and other information created, sent or received by any employee or authorized user is the property of the district and may be accessed. reviewed and disclosed by authorized district personnel at any time, without prior notice or consent from the employee, user or the party from whom a transmission is received. Disclosure may include, but is not limited to, disclosure to law enforcement, regulatory or governmental officials. Additionally, such messages, documents or information may be subject to compulsory disclosure by third parties through lawful judicial process. For additional information please refer to the Valley View School District Acceptable Use Policy.