• SHIELD Testing

    SHIELD IllinoisAs Superintendent Kinder communicated in her family message on April 22nd, Bolingbrook High School and Romeoville High School have been investigating a pilot partnership with SHIELD Illinois (University of Illinois) to support weekly saliva based PCR screening for COVID-19.  In consultation with District leadership we have decided to move forward with this pilot as the implementation of a comprehensive testing program is an important step in our District’s health and safety efforts.

    What is SHIELD?
    SHIELD is an innovative, saliva-based PCR test created by the University of Illinois that is being made available free to our students and staff at Bolingbrook and Romeoville High Schools to support screening for COVID-19. You can read more about it at https://www.uillinois.edu/shield

    How often will testing occur and where?
    Testing will occur once a week during the school day, beginning May 11th. Specific dates and times will be shared by each school.

    Is SHIELD Testing mandatory?
    SHIELD testing is optional at this time, but strongly recommended.   SHIELD testing will be mandatory for students participating in summer contact days for athletics and band that start after June 6th.  Vaccinated students are exempt from mandatory testing.

    Who is conducting this testing?
    In partnership with SHIELD Illinois, the District is working with a trained collection partner to conduct the testing. 

    What is involved with the testing?
    Students will be asked to provide a saliva sample for testing weekly.   Prior to testing, students should not eat or drink for one hour.   Results will be made available to families within one day of testing through a portal.  Only if the student tests positive would Romeoville or Bolingbrook High School contact a family with regards to next steps in following Valley View School District’s and IDPH’s COVID-19 isolation and quarantine protocols.

    What do I need to do to have my child participate in SHIELD Testing?
    We are asking ALL families to complete the Consent Form for SHIELD testing in Infinite Campus for your Bolingbrook High School or Romeoville High School student.  Please log into your Infinite Campus Parent Portal to Consent or Not to Consent for testing by May 7th.  Infinite Campus Parent Portal Consent Instructions 

    Who do I contact if I have questions about SHIELD Testing?
    If you have questions about the process or how to complete the consent form please contact Nicole Egizio (EGIZIONM@vvsd.org) at Romeoville High School or Chuck Marik (MARIKCP@vvsd.org) at Bolingbrook High School.