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    SHIELD Illinois

    What is SHIELD?

    SHIELD is an innovative, saliva-based PCR test created by the University of Illinois that is being made available to support screening for COVID-19.  You can read more about it at https://www.uillinois.edu/shield

    How often will testing occur and where?

    Testing will occur once a week. Specific dates and times will be shared by each school.

    Is SHIELD Testing mandatory?

    Weekly SHIELD testing will be mandatory for students participating in extracurriculars at both Bolingbrook and Romeoville High School.  It will also be required for middle school athletics and some extracurriculars.  Pending community transmission level and in consideration of other mitigations, SHIELD testing may be expanded to include other student and staff populations. Vaccinated students are exempt from mandatory testing.

    SHIELD testing is also being offered to our staff who need to submit to weekly testing due to vaccination status.  

    Who is conducting this testing?

    In partnership with SHIELD Illinois, the District is working with a trained collection partner, Visit Healthcare, to conduct the testing. Once our samples are delivered to a local lab, they are responsible for disposal of all samples. Test specimens are safely and permanently destroyed.

    What is involved with the testing?

    Individuals will be asked to provide a saliva sample for testing weekly.   Prior to testing, individuals should not eat or drink for one hour.   If the individual tests positive our schools will contact a family/individual with regards to next steps in following Valley View School District’s and IDPH’s COVID-19 isolation and quarantine protocols.  

    How reliable is the covidSHIELD test?

    In a recent study, the saliva test was shown to have a specificity of 98.9% and a sensitivity of 96.8%. The FDA-authorized covidSHIELD test targets three highly conversed regions of the viral genome for detection. High specificity offered by three-target detection, combined with frequent testing makes the covidSHIELD saliva-based test extremely accurate and one of the best tests available.

    Where can I find validation data which outlines sensitivity and specificity?

    The official FDA emergency use authorization documents can be found here: https://www.fda.gov/media/146314/download

    If I receive a positive test result from the covidSHIELD test, do I have to go and receive another test from another provider?

    No. Follow-up testing is not needed. The covidSHIELD saliva-based test is a definitive rtPCR diagnostic test authorized by the FDA.

    If a person is positive on covidSHIELD should they retest? Is there a possibility it could be a mistake?

    No. Retesting is not required or recommended.

    How do we know the samples won’t be used for other purposes?

    SHIELD Illinois technology enforces systematic security access controls which protects electronically collected participant information and results data from unauthorized access or harm.

    Is my DNA kept or analyzed as part of this test?

    No. The covidSHIELD test targets specific COVID-19 markers and is not able to test for other communicable diseases, substances, or DNA.

    When registering as a staff member, why am I asked my demographic information, including my address and date of birth?

    The laboratory that processes the tests needs to identify the sample to the individual that provided the sample, requiring a date of birth. In addition, all positive test results must be reported to the Illinois Department of Public Health in accordance with the Illinois Control of Communicable Diseases Code (77 Ill. Adm. Code 690.200(a)(5)), in which demographic information is required for this reporting process.

    What mechanisms are in place to protect our right to privacy?

    All information collected is confidential and kept in a secured HIPAA compliant platform.

    How are we protected from 3rd party access to personal information without authorization?

    Mandatory privacy training, periodic security awareness, and procedural physical safeguards are in place help to mitigate the risk of SHIELD Illinois authorized personnel from mishandling or abusing of samples for purposes other than reporting mandated data to the state health department.

    Is there anything in writing for test takers that states how a 3rd party can use our samples, information, and limitations as to their access or dispersal of information?

    Unauthorized (3rd) parties aren’t allowed to use samples or access personal info of SHIELD Illinois participants.

    Who do I contact if I have questions about SHIELD Testing?

    If you have questions about the process for students please contact Nicole Egizio (EGIZIONM@vvsd.org) at Romeoville High School, Chuck Marik (MARIKCP@vvsd.org) at Bolingbrook High School and at all other schools, your school's principal or assistant principal.   If you have questions about the process for staff, please connect with Human Resources.

    How do I access my results?

    For students, the parent must first create a portal using the SHIELD Community Agency Code (below), then add their students as dependents.  Once a match is found, parents will be able to access their student’s test results. 

    For staff, a portal must be created using the below agency code.

    VVSD 365U Agency Code (teachers/staff): 2i77bott
    SHIELD IL Community Agency Code (parent portals): df5brbrj