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    The Limitless Learning initiative provides additional devices and technology tools to students and staff to enhance innovative learning experiences. This page includes information on the specific devices and tools used at Valley View School District.
    Student Devices
    Chromebooks allow students to have a full web experience and keyboard for classroom activities, writing assignments, research projects and presentations. The Technology Department has researched several models of Chromebooks, and determined purchases based on the following factors: Chromebook Options and Decision Matrix
     Acer Chromebook
    2017-18 Proposed Device Deployment (grades TBD)
    2016-17 Device Deployment to 7th & 8th Grade Students
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    Other devices available to students include tablets and desktop computers. Additional student devices are available for buildings with Special Education programs, ELL programs, or those purchased with additional building or grant funds. 
    Staff Devices
    In addition to laptops and other devices used by VVSD staff currently, extra devices have been purchased for check out and temporary use. Access to Chromebooks will allow staff to become familiar with student devices, which will assist in the delivery of curriculum through the use of digital tools and resources. 
    Print Stations
    Print stations will be available in every school, for students to use as needed. Students will be encouraged to do the majority of their work within the Google Apps for Education Suite, which should eliminate some of the need to print on paper.
    Chromebook Carts
    A Chromebook Cart will be available in each classroom. At the end of each school day, students will return their devices to a cart to charge for the next day. Students will be instructed to return to this same cart the next day to pick up their device.

    VVSD Google Domain
    Both staff and students are members of our VVSD Google Domain. The Google Apps for Education Suite allows staff and students to create documents, spreadsheets, presentations, as well as store their work and communicate with others for feedback and evidence of their learning growth. As we prepare students to be successful for life, students need to have learning experiences that allow them to think critically, be creative, collaborate with others and communicate what they’ve learned. Click here to learn more about Google Apps for Education.
    Chrome Web Store & Google Play for Education
    Valley View School District has created a collection of recommended apps and extensions. This collection can be found in the Chrome Web Store, listed as VVSD 365U Collection. The Google Play for Education store allows teachers to search a catalog of instructional resources that are teacher-vetted and sorted by grade, subject and learning goals. Teachers can distribute and manage apps for student learning from this store to support productivity, creativity, and content area fluency.