District Notifications 
Valley View School District strives to keep parents/guardians, district staff and community members informed of all events and occurrences that affect students and the community as a whole. The district utilizes a messaging service called ParentLink to notify the families of all 18,000+ students, as well as district staff and community members, in less than 30 minutes, if needed. 

Notification Methods
ParentLink uses the following three methods to record and send messages to parents/guardians, district staff, and community. 

 Phone icon
Phone Calls
It is important that family phone numbers are kept up to date on the school's database so that these calls can accurately reach parents. If there is a correction to be made on the family phone record, please call your school office and report the necessary changes as soon as they are known. 
 Email icon
Parents/guardians and district staff members can register email addresses within the ParentLink messaging system to receive email notifications, in addition to phone calls. Click these links to register:
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Mobile App 
The newest feature to the ParentLink messaging system at Valley View School District is the addition of the district mobile app. After downloading the free app, users can subscribe to schools to receive push notifications on their smartphones. Click here for more information on the district mobile app.
Notification Types 
Using the methods listed above, ParentLink will send the following types of communication to parents/guardians, district staff, and community. 
In addition to the standard radio and TV notification systems already in use, ParentLink will be utilized to call parents/guardians and district staff if there is a school emergency, such as building closures due to inclement weather.
District & School Events 
ParentLink will be utilized to call parents regarding school events that are focused on increasing family involvement at school functions, such as Open Houses and Parent-Teacher Conferences.
Student Absences 
ParentLink will be utilized to place automatic attendance calls when students are reported absent from their class and not called in by their guardian as an expected absence. Parents should contact their child's school attendance office to discuss and excuse students from classes.