• Middle School Summer Reading Challenge
    This summer you are invited to participate in the Summer Reading Challenge! You will choose books that are of interest to you, keep track of your reading, and challenge yourself to accomplish different reading tasks all summer long!

    In addition, each student will receive a copy of the same book – Ghost by Jason Reynolds. You are challenged to create a shared reading experience with someone within your community. Read, go out, and spark a community-wide conversation about the book!
    Summer Reading Challenge Packets & Information
    In order to participate in the Summer Reading Challenge, students should read and complete the Student Packet below. (Note: You do not need to request access to the packet in order to download and save it.)  
    Summer Reading Reading Record (When prompted, click "Make a copy" and a copy of the form will be added to your Google Drive account)
    Completing the Challenge
    All Summer
    1. You may choose any book, or use the Recommended Reading List to find books appropriate to your reading level
    2. READ!
    3. Keep track of your progress on the Reading Record
    4. Challenge yourself to complete as many of the Success Criteria as possible
    At the End of the Summer

    5. Rate the difficulty level of the books you read on the Reading Record
    6. Complete the Summer Reading Self-Assessment
    • Check off the Success Criteria 
    • Score yourself on the Proficiency Scale 
    • Reflect on your practices and set goals for this school year

    7. Show evidence of your completed challenge criteria


     Student Success Criteria

    I challenge myself to:

    • read this year’s “One Book, One Middle School” selection Ghost by Jason Reynolds.
    • participate in a conversation about Ghost with someone else from our reading community.
    • read another title from this year’s “One Book, One Middle School” options: See You in the Cosmos, A Night Divided, Restart, The Seventh Most Important Thing
    • read one more book than last summer.
    • read 15 minutes or more a day, 5 days a week.
    • create a list of books that I would someday be interested in reading.
    • read a new genre.
    • go to the public library to browse books or to attend an activity, such as participating in the public library Summer Reading Contest.
    • read two books by the same author.
    • seek resources for meaning of words or concepts that are confusing to me.
    • read a book about an issue or topic that I feel strongly about.
    • read a book that won a literary award.
    • read a book and then watch the movie based on the book (in that order).
    • read a book and have a discussion about it.
    • read to a sibling or to another person.
    • read a book review to find a book I am interested in reading. Suggestion: www.goodreads.com.
    • read at least 8 books this summer.
    • reflect on who I am as a reader.

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