Technology Staff

  • Directors

    Astrid Welch

    Executive Director of Technology
    Alberto Diaz
    Assistant Executive Director of Technology/Information Security Officer

    Nicole Haley
    Administrative Computing Operations Manager
    Catherine Neumann
    Instructional Technology Manager
    Dave Seiden
    Database & Web Development Manager

    Lead Technicians
    Howard Brandt
    Mobility Lead 
    Rosemary Foley
    Lead Network Technician
    John Hayes
    Lead Field Technician 
    Mike Neakarse
    Lead Operations Technician
    Leslie A. Panzer
    Administrative Computing Operations Lead

    Level 2 Technicians
    Joe Bartolome
    Network Analyst
    Miguel Diaz
    Network Analyst 
    Eric Finley
    Network Analyst 
    Susan Kalafut
    User Services Coordinator
    Bryan Langs
    Enterprise Support
    Joyce Potempa 
    Jason Soll 
    Information Security
    Lucas Tobin
    Bob Vodak
    Emerging Technologies
    Matt Yingling
    Systems Operations

    Level 1 Field Technicians
    Jerald Bista 
    James De Ocampo
    Michael Haile
    Michael Pekala
    Level 1 Mobility Technicians
    Clarence Blake 
    Brett Malik 
    Keith Mrozinski 

    Application Support & Programming Staff
    Virginia Aguilar 
    Application Support and Trainer
    Dawn Jakubiec 
    Administrative Computing Specialist

    Instructional Technology
    Steve Allred
    Digital Learning Analyst
    Mike de Leon
    Instructional Technology Specialist
    Scott Dillard
    Instructional Technology Specialist
    Nicole Eimer
    Digital Learning Specialist
    Michael Pacton
    Instructional Technology Specialist

    Project Assistant
    Tori Kimbler
    Technology Project Assistant