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VVSD Teacher Spotlight Mr. Michael Fogarty, Lukancic Band Director

VVSD Teacher Spotlight- Mr. Michael Fogarty, Lukancic Middle School Band Director

Mr. Michael Fogarty  

One can assume VVSD’s music teachers are the most enthusiastic staff members to see students returning in greater frequency to our classrooms.  The inability to see and hear their students perform together, along with the audio challenges of Zoom meetings, have required creativity and patience.

As more students return, music teachers such as Lukancic Middle School Band Director Mr. Michael Fogarty also must help students learn how to play their instruments while wearing masks, and navigate additional hygiene protocols resulting from the simple fact that many musical instruments are played by students blowing through the instruments.

It is a challenge Mr. Fogarty is taking in stride as he has found creative ways to move forward with instruction while also continuing music program traditions such as Holiday concerts.   His work with our students is a continuation of his passion for music that developed when he was a VVSD student at West View Middle School, now A.Vito Martinez Middle School.

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