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Resources for Families to Support Students at Home with Chromebooks

Support for Families Available with Chromebooks

Families can find resources to help their students with Chromebooks at the Limitless Learning Parents & Students page.  

Information about digital citizenship, managing accounts, and how to be safe online is available.  


Taking care of your VVSD Chromebook


Do: Make sure that the Chromebooks are in secure location when not in use. Please put in a secure location.

Do: Report any damage to the Chromebook to the LMC.

Do: Be sure to plug in the Chromebook charger after each use.. The Chromebooks are designed to stay charged for one school day. If you do not plug it in after each use,  it will not be charged for the following day.

Do: Have clean hands when using the Chromebooks. 

Do: Make sure that there is nothing in your Chromebook bag when you close it. Placing pens and earbuds inside of the Chromebook and closing will cause damage to the Chromebook.

Don’t: Put any kind of markings or stickers on the Chromebooks themselves.

Don’t: Push on the screens, the Chromebooks are not equipped with touch screens and pushing on the screens will only damage them.