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Bolingbrook HS Academic Top 20 Luncheon

Bolingbrook HS Honors Academic Top 20 Students

Bolingbrook HS Top 20 Luncheon 

Following a one-year pandemic hiatus, the Top 20 Student Luncheon is another of the many traditions at Bolingbrook HS returning to the event calendar.  The Bolingbrook HS Top 20 Luncheon honors the top 20 students in the sophomore, junior, and senior classes.

Invited students gather for lunch with their peers and parents.  Bolingbrook HS senior Armaan Suga shared with us what an interesting four years it has been for the seniors.  Consider this- high school seniors throughout the country are the only students currently in high school who have experienced a “normal” high school year, and that was back in their freshman year.  Armaan shares what he has learned about resiliency, and adaptation, along with learning a few new things along the journey.