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Message to Parents about Incident Near Wood View Elementary

Information about an Incident This Morning Near Wood View Elementary School

At approximately 8 a.m. there was a domestic disturbance near the school which included shots being fired. This is a contained situation being handled by the Bolingbrook Police Department.  There is no threat to students or staff.

This incident did not impact the operations of Wood View Elementary and the school day began on time and will continue to operate on a normal schedule.



A las 8 am aproximadamente hubo un disturbio domestico cerca de la escuela que incluyó

tiros disparados. Fue una situación que se controló por el departamento de la Policía de Bolingbrook. No fueron afectados estudiantes ni maestros.


El incidente no tuvo impacto en las operaciones en la Escuela Elemental de Wood View y el día empezó a tiempo y continuará en el horario normal.