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Brooks Claims VVSD Middle School Math Contest

Brooks Middle School Math Team Earns Coveted Pythagoras Trophy

Brooks Middle School Math Champs

The Brooks Middle School Calculatin’ Bulldogs are the 2019 VVSD Middle School Math Contest Champions and will now add the coveted Pythagoras Trophy to their schools collection of hardware.  As a team, the Brooks 6th graders won the group competition and the Bulldogs also added to their team total with team second place finishes in the 7th grade, 8th grade, and Algebra competitions.

In the individual competitions, Brooks ran the table with wins by Tejas Patnaik (6th grade), Aaron Demille (7th grade), Rickard Demille (8th grade), and Jazmyne Germo (Algebra).  The other group competition winners were A.Vito Martinez (7th grade), Lukancic (8th grade), and Jane Addams (Algebra).

Watch the video to see what goes on during the actual contest.  Please whisper if you need to talk because you don’t want to give the other teams your answers!