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VVSD Teachers Adapt to the World of Remote Instruction

Bolingbrook HS Teacher Develops “3-Monitor” Remote Classroom Setup

Mr. Mike Rende  

Remote learning is leading VVSD teachers to create innovative ways to best serve their students.  This fall, we’ll be taking you on visits to a variety of classrooms throughout the District to show you how teachers are adapting their methods of instruction to meet the needs of their students who are learning from home.

Watch the video to visit the Advanced Placement Economics class of Bolingbrook HS Social Studies Teacher Mr. Michael Rende.  Proving he’s a lifelong learner, Mr. Rende has developed a classroom setup with three monitor screens.  The largest contains the Zoom window of his students, a second screen is where he manages the curriculum materials, and the third is where he can see the chat window so that he can always see current questions and feedback from students.

Teachers throughout VVSD are learning, evaluating, adapting, and yes, sometimes even rejecting, systems and methods as they refine remote learning to best meet the needs of students.