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Flames Drama Club

As one of the largest clubs at Lukancic we are fortunate to see students enjoy themselves practicing one of their many gifts and talents. Students are encouraged to audition for a part in one or both shows. Students are also invited to participate on stage crews in the areas of costumes, props, lighting and sound, and painting. It is truly our pleasure to work with a large variety of students from all grade levels on the production of a show. 


Two times a year the JJL Drama Club proudly presents a school play. The Fall play  begins in September and runs through November. The Spring play begins in January and runs through March/ April.  Plays are presented for three consecutive evenings (Thursday through Saturday on the assigned dates) Once a show is cast and crews are set, parents will receive all calendars and show information on paper. Information will also be available through our Drama Club google classroom, which all cast and crew members will be invited to join.