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The Pillars of Valley View: Mr. Domenic Pizzuto and Ms. Dale Duplesis STEP Campus

The Pillars of Valley View

Mr. Domenic Pizzuto and Ms. Dale Duplesis Secondary Transistion Experience Program (STEP)


STEP Campus Pillars Goal 3

Mr. Domenic Pizzuto and Ms. Dale Duplesis fulfill integral roles at the Secondary Transition Education Program Campus. Mr. Pizzuto has been a job coach, paraprofessional, guest teacher when needed while at the same time earning his degree in Special Education.

Ms. Duplesis contributes her flexibility to STEP by supporting teachers on leave and filling a variety of guest teacher positions. She is also currently pursuing her degree in Special Education.

Both Mr. Pizzuto and Ms. Duplesis support STEP students by their kindness and continue to have a positive impact on their lives.

Left to right: Mr. Domenic Pizzuto, Board of Education Member Mr. James “JT” Boudouris, Ms. Dale Duplesis, STEP Principal Mrs. Melanie Phelan.