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Ozobots: Coding & Robotics

Ozobots are tiny robots that love colors and can be programmed by students to move, flash lights, dance and apply math and science concepts. Coding introduces critical thinking, problem solving, the scientific method and algorithms. Use tablets or smart phones with touch and graphic interfaces to control the robots. Many lessons and activities are meant for markers and paper only, and some lessons that suggest the use of a tablet may be adapted for markers and paper.

Age: For students age 6 and older

Cost: Ozobot Bit = $59
Ozobot Evo = $89
Classroom kits and accessories are available at an additional cost 

Ozobot Education Website
OzoBlockly: Programming App
Webinars & Professional Development Opportunities
Ozobot Certified Educators
Ozobot Education YouTube Channel

Curricular Connections:
Ozobot Educator Guide
Ozobot Lesson Plans


Making the Connection

NGSS Science and Engineering Practices
Asking questions (science) and defining problems (engineering)
Planning and carrying out investigations
Constructing explanations (science) & designing solutions (engineering)

CCSS for Mathematical Practice
Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them
Use appropriate tools strategically
Reason abstractly and quantitatively