Homework Policy

Homework Policy

Homework packets will be given out for each learning target.  Select problems in each packet will be graded for credit.   There are 4 possible grades:

Excelling (100%) - Select problems are correct; packet is complete.

Proficient (85%) - Select problems are mostly correct; packet is complete.

Approaching (73%) - Select problems are incorrect; packet is more than 50% complete. 

Beginning (59%) - Packet is less than 50% completed.

Khan Academy practice and Quizizzes will be assigned as well.  I will give class time to complete KA and Quizizz assignments.  These assignments earn the grade that the computer assigns.  Students who are not in class or do not finish in class will need to complete these assignments outside of the classroom.

As students at Brooks Middle School, we work continuously on learning from our mistakes and persevering through them.  "I will persevere until I am proud."  Assignments turned in on time can corrected and turned back in at any time during the current chapter for full credit. 

Assignments turned in late will earn a maximum of a Proficient rating.  Late assignments cannot be corrected.